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ETF2L Highlander Season 1 summary

ETF2L Highlander
Written on: March 5th, 2012 by: Chux Views: 2,127

The last few months saw the beginning and conclusion of the first Team Fortress 2 highlander (9v9) season organized by ETF2L. Guru Gaming was presented by its team, heedlessly named, Guru training with Yoda which participated in division 4. The regular season ended with Guru-Y wining 7 maps and losing 3, with frequent roster problems that ended up with mostly different lineups for each war, the dimwitted culprit for this foreshadowed problems has yet to be located and flogged, but it is mostly regarded to be found in the teams unfortunate leader Druki.

Preposterously, the above mentioned results brought a three way tie at the end of the season, the other two ill-fated teams were an Italian side Hijacking Fellas, and a Bulgarian team named Man1a Crew.  After a brief but soul crushing, heart breaking, in bitter tears drenched moment brought upon by the prospects of playing in the playoffs half as long as the regular season, our team collected itself and dauntlessly faced its rivals. The brave posture worked immediately as the Hijacking Fellas dropped from the playoffs, leaving only one opponent in the playoffs final, Man1a Crew. The match would prove to be a three map jittering rollercoaster, Guru-Y won the first map, pl-upward, lost on pl-badwater, and was triumphant on the last, deciding map, koth_viaduct.

Congratulations go to all the team members, FlagZero, Scharko, Andy, Vekster, SpacePig, Dompa, Reservoir_dog, Chux and Drookie. Special thanks goes to all the players who often jumped in when the need was greatest, Marty, Inside, Vanadium, Irdanoff, and without whom winning  division 4F wouldn’t have been possible.


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