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Guru TF2 History

Written on: September 14th, 2012 by: druki Views: 2,911

Where to begin? It has been some time since any news about our official Team Fortress 2 team has graced the pages of our site, but everybody who was interested, and who had enough will and patience to follow our journey through the TF2 gaming scene, could have done that through the regular announcements of our official matches, usually written by the hands of our industrious colleague Chux. Only by those short notifications could our loyal followers or just curious travelers get a brief insight into our story that lasted for years.    


It all started in the, now so far away, year 2008. We began as the first Guru Gaming team, which doesn’t mean that Guru Gaming was created for us, but often I allowed myself to imagine that the TF2 team makes the unbreakable core of Guru Gaming and that whatever happens to the other teams we will be here, and if you take a good look around you’ll see that we are still present, not in the same lineup but with the same competitive spirit hungry for victory.


In the long years of our existence our team included players from all parts of Croatia and beyond. We gathered a colorful company, driven by vision of comradeship and competitiveness through playing TF2. 


Days passed, hours ticked away, and we were growing up with a game. I’m unsure how I became the team leader, did I show special initiative to take over the role, no, rather the circumstances were such that all the better candidates were already taken somewhere else. But luckily for me, the team was usually comprised from experienced people, with cool heads ready to play and compete, so it was a pleasure to represent them before the TF2 scene.  


The European TF2 League grew. We were slowly gathering experience, pushing our way through the divisions, if by nothing else then by the power of sheer persistence, bang your head enough times against the wall and one or the other is bound to give up, luckily we had thick heads. We stole good tricks from watching better teams, we tried to come up with our own tactics but above all we had fun.


For you that perhaps do not know, TF2 is usually played 6 versus 6, so number six became our magic number, the number we were constantly trying to reach, and when the nights of missing it started to increase we knew our time was done. Many teams have ended for the same reasons, because a team that can’t keep a continuity of players and matches is a team that will spend more time dealing with itself then with the reason of gathering in the first place, and that is to play and compete.


We competed in 6v6, 7v7 and 9v9 leagues on ETF2L, Wireplay, ESL, and numerous other cups and ladders that came and left during the years. It is enough to say that we started from ETF2L season 4 in division 6, and made our way to division 3 in season 9, and ended up taking a break at the end of season 11. It was a turbulent time, with, I have to admit, a good deal of drama, adrenalin, a few heated quarrels but mostly time filled with laughter which gathered all together created an everlasting memory. 


Heartfelt greetings to all who were once in our team:


Voshy, Chux, Druki, Icey, SpacePig, Twinings, Andy, Hari, Bajser, Šarko, Vekster, Poljda, Theon, Ralja, Tejo, Ramzes, Toto, Firbec, Oxy, NickDark, Ganymedes, Gobby, Ceymoure, Shadowmaster, Trent, FlagZero.



However, this still doesn’t mean the definitive end of the road for the TF2 team. Though the old 6v6 crew retired, there is still interest in playing Highlander leagues just for kicks. Some new kids on the block, interested in 6v6 Leagues, have also appeared. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future has stored for us.