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More TF2 6v6 action

Written on: November 29th, 2012 by: Chux Views: 2,141

Despite the main 6v6 event on ETF2L ending, there is still plenty of 6v6 action in store before the year ends. Wireplay recently started its 11th Season and the refreshed TF2 team was eager to join. The guys now find themselves in division 3b battling for top spot and are off to a decent start. Feel free to check out the Tables and follow their progress.


After a long long wait, ETF2L finally decided to host a 6v6 Cup. Simply named 6th Cup was well received by the teams and is well underway. Having cleared the first round, Guru Gaming is awaiting the Round 2 match to start this evening. Wish the guys luck! Brackets can be found here