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New Server Sponsor

Written on: June 4th, 2011 by: Voshy Views: 2,940

We are delighted to announce that decided to help us out with our goals and will be supporting us with their excellent game and voice server hosting. They will not only be helping our teams with voice and match servers, but will also provide us with our own public Brink server.


After a satisfying couple of weeks playing on their servers, we can’t say anything but encourage everyone to give Maverick hosting a try, especially if you’re on the lookout for decent gameservers yourself, or any kind of hosting for that matter., apart from game and voice hosting, offers web hosting solutions, as well as great and fast support. Their server locations were carefully chosen for their specific datacenter qualities and based on customer feedback and locations.


We are very thankful for the service provided and we all hope that MaverickServers will keep on putting their flavour in our games for many seasons to come.


For more information visit:


or join #maverickservers IRC channel on quakenet


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