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Presenting: Guru Gaming BRINK team!

Written on: June 2nd, 2011 by: Voshy Views: 2,812

With many Guru members and friends being fans of previous Splash-Damage titles, Guru Gaming was waiting for BRINK since the first time the game got announced. Finally the game is here, and Guru gaming presents BRINK team:


Ivor “Voshy” Ivošević – as team captain

Maksim “FoxiT” Sinik – as team co-captain

Matija “Chux” Čukelj

Emil “M0rtus” Piršić

Ivan “Poljda” Staroveški

Ivan “SpacePig” Bašić


Team will participate in ESL European Championship and 5v5 ladder, and keep eyes open for other competitive leagues and cups. Guru Gaming has great expectations for this team and hopes it will last long and strong. Best of luck to our new team!