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Gamescom 2012

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Time for a break
Here we go
Now this guy was just awesome. Your imagination was the the only limit when it came to taking pics with him.
A wicked booth. One of the best game promotions on the show. Free crap for everyone!
I hope it's locked
Crap, they're on the loose aaaAAAAaaaaaaAAaaaaa...
An interesting experience, but every bit as crap as they say it is :)
The Olympiaturm (Olympic Tower)
Amazing view from the Olympiaturm   
Photos 1 - 88 out of 88 | Back to Albums
Description: Guru Gaming once again took the initiative and organized a group visit to Gamescom, the largest gaming event on this part of the globe. New games, competition stuff, live matches, awesome cosplay and much much more. Overall loads of fun!
Location: Gamescom 2012