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Team Colonslash League

Written on: November 28th, 2012 by: Chux Views: 2,081

It’s been a while, but Worms are still kicking and making a comeback. Our good friends from Team Colonslash have decided to host a league of their own since events and competitions in Worms Reloaded have more or less died out. Though primarily a Team Fortress 2 community with a couple of teams competing in European leagues, the TC bunch are also huge Worms fans and have ensured people can still get some mileage out of Reloaded. On top of everything, even some prizes are in store for the very best, hats off lads.


Using a TF2 style layout, the players are divided into leagues according to skill or regarding performance in previous events hosted by TC. Having won a TC Cup team event in the past, Voshy and Chux were guaranteed a place in the premier division and you’ll be seeing them fight among the best players the league has to offer for top spot.


Wish them luck and you can follow the action, results and fixtures over on Team Colonslash