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The Defense Qualifier

Written on: November 29th, 2012 by: Techor Views: 1,774

A few days ago Guru Gaming DotA2 team signed up for the biggest online tournament in DotA2 history, the Defence qualifier powered by JoinDOTA. Around 800 teams applied and luckily we managed to checked in early and secure our spot among 512 teams who were ready to fight for a slot in The Defense, a tournament featuring the best DotA2 teams in Europe and USA.


Our first game was against a Swedish team named Laco and we won relatively easy and passed to the second stage of tournament. There we faced team Nova from Greece. Their aggressive trilane with Sven, Jakiro and Lina was pretty dominant versus our Shadowfiend, Rubick and Crystal maiden and that proved problematic. But LGD.cro style of Nzv Tidehunter and Ginso Bounty hunter managed to secure mid and the lategame was ours along with a big moral boost. The third was vs. a Swedish team Waybe. Pick phase went well and after we got our normal heroes like Batrider and Luna, the rest was just a formality. Round 4 opponents were Team Jacob from USA and we were concerned because the game was supposed to be played on a US-east server. Our ping was around 200 while they had a much more decent 50-ish. Even with such a disadvantage we managed to dominate the game and in the end stomped them hard. With that victory we were among the last 32 teams still in the tournament. We were the only team from the Balkans left and that alone was a great success for us.



In Round 5 we had tough opponent from Russia, Russians are known for their aggressive gamestyle and we experienced it first hand. With a fast ganking Nighstalker and farming Naix they knocked us to the losers bracket and that was our first defeat at the Defence qualifier, we still put up a good fight and did our best to try and stop them. Congratulation guys you played really well.


Last 32 GRID


Team TDL was waiting in the losers bracket and to be honest, moral was a bit low since we were knocked from the winner bracket. But still we won easily. Again we were confident in our skills and strategy and in the next round, the opponents were team Int.spire from the Czech Republic. The game started and we made huge mistake straight on. We engaged in a 5v5 fight in our forest and got stomped really hard, 4 deaths while we got only one kill, and to make things worse, Batrider got triple kill. At that point we knew that we probably won’t be able to turn the game around but we tried our best. It wasn’t enough and Int.spire eliminated us from Defense. Congratulation guys for the win and I hope we will see you soon for some revenge.


In the end, I can say that I’m proud of us and that this is the biggest success for our DotA2 team so far. A top 24 placement out of 512 slots in a really strong tournament. For our fans, I’m sorry if we disappointed you and I promise that we will train even harder to win next time. So cheer for us in the upcoming matches because we appreciate your support and we love you guys.


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