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About Us

Guru Gaming is a multigaming clan with more than 30 members from all parts of Croatia.


It was founded on November 9. 2008. when members from another multigaming clan decided to go their separate ways and start their own organization. Starting with two teams: Team Fortress 2 and Call of duty: World at War, the numbers quickly grew as only a few days later a complete Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (W:ET) team showed interest and officially joined the clan shortly afterwards.

Since then, the clan was able to gather several other teams that would later compete in European leagues: DotA, BF:BC2, COD4, CS:S, CS1.6, Worms Reloaded, League of Legends and BRINK.


At the moment, there are 6 active teams in Guru Gaming:

- Battlefield: Bad Company 2 team

- BRINK team

- League of Legends team

- Team Fortress 2 team

- Team Fortress 2 ZERO team

- Worms Reloaded team


BF:BC2 Team is currently playing ESL 4on4 infantry ladder. The team finished 4th in the Croatian 4on4 ESL cup.


BRINK Team is signed up on ESL 5on5 ladder and ESL BRINK European Elite Championship. As brink is a new game, competitions have yet to fully go underway and new ones are still being formed.


The TF2 section is active in ESL, ETF2L and Wireplay leagues. The team also has some admirable results in both ETF2L and Wireplay, being first in their divisions for a few seasons in a row.


The TF2 Zero team is playing ETF2L and Wireplay. The team is the „backup“ TF2 team that was formed with a goal of making competitive gaming closer to Croatian pub players.


LoL team is playing ESL 5on5 ladder. The team is new, but we expect great results from them.


Worms Reloaded members play 1on1 and 2on2 ladders on both and Our worms players are by far the best in the country and some of them also have great results in the European worms scene.