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ETF2L Highlander Season 2 summary

Written on: June 29th, 2012 by: Chux Views: 2,338

As the number of the Etf2l highlander seasons rose to 2, so did our team leaders hopes in getting a second chance to rectify the mistakes done in the previous season. Alas, it was not to be. This time, the team, Guru training with Yoda, was competing in division 3, being promoted for winning division 4 last season. The other changes included recruiting new players to the team, M4rty, Nićetin and oxy were added, and since the team, to have any chance of competing in division 3, needed to find a good demoman, an uncontested decision was made to broaden our search to include foreign players. That decision would ultimately lead to playing every war with a different demoman.


International help was also needed when our main spy, Scharko, demonstrated his exceptional spy skills by performing a real life vanishing act, the team was forced to find a replacement, a short search through the etf2l recruitment threads resulted in recruiting F4ll3n, a Dutch player, that proved the only silver lining in our search for foreign players.


In the four matches played this season, G-Yoda won 4 maps and lost 4 maps, thus finishing in the respectful third position.
Again I would like to extend my thanks to the players that helped us on our journey, Insajd and Vanadium.


The end of the season also brought to the end Reservoir_dogs and SpacePigs time in the team as they announced their highlander retirement, complementary gold watches being handed out in virtual spaces, as appropriate to the situation. Since more experienced players continue to leave the team, and with the increasing rumors that the team leader DRookie is feeling worn out and jaded the teams future is questionable, at best.