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Game Minimizer

Written on: June 1st, 2011 by: Archy Views: 12,333

Ever had a need to suddenly check your inbox during gameplay ? Or just to leave a quick reply on MSN/WLM or Skype, google something, check a walkthrough, try out some tips and tricks you just had read about or seen in a tutorial video, but alt+tab just doesn’t work with this game and there doesn’t seem to be any way of reaching the messenger/browser/desktop without quitting the game.


That’s where the minimizer comes into play. Like the name suggests, its basic function is to minimize the game leaving you with the complete freedom and control over any task at hand. The game is still alive in the background and can be brought back in an instant enabling you to continue right where you left off. The minimizers vary from engine specific, limited to a couple of or even a single game, to universal, capable of minimizing almost anything.


A fine example is the universal Minimizor that apart from its basic function, also includes a few interesting features to further increase its usefulness. It launches with Windows, works as good with Win7 as it does with XP, and places itself in the system tray, requiring next to none resources and fiddling with. The minimizing itself is done by activating the shortcut which can be a combination of up to 3 keys. Additionally, you can preset whether to minimize to tray or taskbar depending on your personal preference. It is also able to change the screen to desktop resolution in case the game is run in a different one once it’s been minimized. In case a game running altered gamma crashes, the „Reset Gamma“ and „Default Windows Gamma“ commands really come in handy.


Although it officially has not been tested on a wide range of games, it works flawlessly with almost any you can throw at it, with just a few reports of it not functioning with certain ones, thus making it a perfect addition to your inventory if you need to put the game aside for a moment but don’t feel like terminating it.


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