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New Guru Gaming Website!

Written on: June 1st, 2011 by: Voshy Views: 1,844

After more than 2 years, We decided to change the design of our website. We felt like it was time to refresh our visual identity and the decision was made to start from our website. Ideas that were going through our heads became a beautiful new site that will, hopefully, attract even more visitors. The person responsible for the new look is Archy, who started from scratch and made this masterpiece using only a handful of  ideas and his crazy skills. We are unbelievably thankful for his cooperation, which allowed for our vision to become a reality, and we hope he will stick around for a long time.


Although the site greatly differs in comparison to the previous one, we still kept our instantly recognizable look with the orange-gray theme and logo. We would like you to actively participate in everything our new site has to offer, and we hope that our new site will make you keep coming back!



Ivor “Voshy” Ivošević

Guru Gaming Founder


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